Silver is Non-Linear

Silver is Non-Linear

Apply effects and filters in any order, then rearrange.  Some apps commit one adjustment before allowing you to do the next. In Silver you can change the brightness, then the exposure, then add a filter, and then go back and adjust the exposure again and see how that effects your final composite. Or drag and rearrange the filters so things happen in a different order.  And you see all your changes in real time.
Silver is Non-Destructive

Silver is Non-Destructive

As you tweak your photo no  adjustments are committed until you save or share it. You can load an image, crop it, apply all your effects, and then go back and change the cropping or any of the effects.  The composite is rendered as you edit in real time.
100's of Available Textures and Effects

Silver has 100′s of Available Textures and Effects

Tons of flexibility with 12 categories of textures containing over 135 different items that can be added as layers. Plus 10 categories of effects filters with over 85 different effects can be added to layers to change them. A key feature is the ability to add the original image back in on another layer. Or grab a solid color and overlay it using any blend mode.

Silver Shares Photo Looks

When you build a collection of layers and effects we call this a look. Looks can be saved on your device and used over and over for different photos. And Looks can be shared to our cloud* so that other people can use and vote up your look. Not feeling inspired? Explore Looks to find a treatment that works for your photo or a place to start tweaking.

Add On Packs

Silver includes more textures and effects than most paid apps do.  Over 40 included effects filters and almost 40 included textures. Each add on pack unlocks the remaining content in the category.

Color Wash Pack
Blur Pack
Retro Pack
Gradient Maps Pack 1
Gradient Maps Pack 2
Alchemy Pack

Blown Up Pack
Light Leaks Pack
Gradients Pack
Bokeh Pack
Canvas Pack
Clean Paper Pack

Dirty Paper Pack
Dirt and Smudges Pack
Stains Pack 1
Stains Pack 2